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Cake Whisking

Cake Flavors

Our cakes are baked fresh for your event.  Our current flavors are listed along with some suggested filling flavors.

Wedding White

White cake with a hint of citrus and almond.  Pairs well with raspberry preserves, lemon curd, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Buttercream, and many more!

Dark Chocolate Chip

Deep chocolate cake with mini Ghiradelli chocolate chips.  Pairs well with raspberry preserves, Peanut Butter  Buttercream, Oreo Buttercream, and more!

Marble Cake

A swirl of vanilla and chocolate cake.  Pairs well with our Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Buttercream.

Red Velvet

Traditional red velvet cake with just a hint of coffee.  With our Cream Cheese Buttercream it's a match made in heaven!

Butter Pecan

Reminds you of butter pecan ice cream.  Our Heath Toffee Buttercream is made just for this cake!


Light lemon flavor provided by fresh lemon zest and fresh lemon juice.  Pairs well with lemon curd for more tartness, or raspberry preserves to cut down on the tartness.


Luscious strawberry flavor containing real strawberries.  Goes well with our Cream Cheese Buttercream.


Creamy orange flavor containing fresh orange zest and fresh orange juice.  Pair it with our Bettercream Whipped Icing or our Cream Cheese Buttercream for a dreamsicle effect!


Moist layers of carrots, pineapple, and pecans.  Delicious with our Cream Cheese Buttercream.

Italian Cream

A deliciously creamy vanilla cake with sweet coconut and pecans.  Goes hand-in-hand with our Cream Cheese Buttercream.


A delicious combination of pineapple, bananas, and pecans.  Amazing with our Cream Cheese Buttercream.


Great pumpkin and cinnamon flavor!  We make our Cinnamon Cream Cheese Buttercream just for this one!


Our Dark Chocolate Chip cake filled with our Bettercream Whipped Icing and covered in our Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Buttercream (the outside icing on your cake will be chocolate, unless you cover it in fondant).  Tastes like a HoHo!

Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake

Last, but certainly not least, our signature flavor!  A wonderful, not too sweet, butter cake with real Kentucky bourbon baked in.  For an extra shot of bourbon flavor, pair it with our Kentucky Bourbon Buttercream.  Also great to add a little bit of chocolate ganache and some roasted pecans for a bourbon ball effect!

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